Human Content Writer and Conversation Starter.

Hello there! I’m Jeremy, the human content writer behind Business Brainbox. Think of me as your creative mind for crafting engaging, conversational, and insightful content. Forget bland, automated copy; think of me as your approachable ally in navigating the content maze.

With a no-nonsense and straight-talking approach, I create marketing campaigns that are more than just conversation starters—they’re genuine engagement creators. Whether it’s enhancing your website, boosting your social media presence, or particularly dominating on LinkedIn, I’m here to ensure your voice not only reaches but resonates with your audience.

I excel in B2B, professional and business services, and non-profits, diving into your projects with a commitment to see them through to success. But here’s the twist—I don’t just spark conversations with potential dream clients; I foster meaningful connections that turn dialogues into lasting relationships.

Shunning the mundane and cookie-cutter, I champion the quirky and unconventional. My aim? To position you not just as a participant but as a standout authority in your industry.

So, if you’re ready to shake up your content with a touch of humanity and a dash of flair, let’s start this conversation. Step into the world of content that’s as human and dynamic as you are!

Jeremy Freeman

Need some help in deciding what’s best for your business?

Struggling to decide what’s best for your business? Welcome to Business Brainbox, where we don’t just think outside the box—we are the box! Here, every piece of marketing genius comes compacted into one brainy box – yours truly!

At Business Brainbox, I help professional services firms, B2B service providers, and non-profits supercharge their marketing potential. Renowned for my problem-solving prowess and ability to inject clarity and dynamism into your efforts, I’m here to enhance your business’s voice.

How do I do it? Imagine marketing support without the jargon, focused entirely on creating standout, engaging content that truly captivates your audience.

What sets Business Brainbox apart is my passion for crafting tailored, impactful content strategies that precisely target your ideal clients. If massive, impersonal blasts are your game, I’m not the one for you. But if you value detailed, targeted strategies that strike a chord with your dream audience, then you’ve hit the jackpot!

So, if you need a ‘brainbox’ who can expertly handle any business or commercial topic, let’s make some marketing magic happen. I’m ready to dive in


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Purpose-Driven Content Creation

Let’s get strategic with your content! My approach isn’t just about throwing words on a page; it’s about crafting SEO-optimised website copy and creating a comprehensive content strategy that really resonates with your audience. And let’s not forget the power of storytelling — it’s all about bringing your brand’s narrative to life in a way that truly engages.

Lead Generation & Conversion

Need to turn those casual browsers into loyal customers? I focus on creating compelling lead magnets like eBooks and digital guides, along with effective email marketing campaigns and optimised landing pages. It’s all about drawing in your dream clients and keeping them coming back for more.

Authority & Thought Leadership

Positioning you as the authority in your field is what I do best. Whether it’s through thought leadership pieces that showcase your expertise, white papers that delve deep, or staying ahead of the curve with the latest industry news articles, I help you stand out as the go-to expert.

Visual Engagement & Knowledge Sharing

Capture attention with eye-catching infographics and visual content that makes complex information accessible and engaging. I enhance your brand’s visibility by building robust knowledge centres and implementing the ‘They Ask, You Answer’ strategy, ensuring your audience’s most pressing questions are addressed proactively.


Jeremy has been a big influence in the growth of our company, giving his wealth of experience in business and finding new ways to diversify.

– James Lai, Chartered Architectural Technologist JL Architecture

Jeremy has always been very active in his role. Tireless and cheerful, he works hard to get things done. A real professional.

– Jason Tisdall, Solar Energy & Battery Storage Systems, Tanjent Energy

Right from my very first meeting, Jeremy made me feel welcome and always had a motivational answer to all questions! Jeremy has years of experience in business, he is very approachable and has always been very helpful.

– Bhavik Haria, Video Production, Graphic Design & Podcasts, Cincera & Creative Bubble

Jeremy is a superb connector, instinctive and authentic. He is willing to go the extra mile and is the best ‘warm introducer’ I have met. The quality of the introductions he has arranged have expanded my contacts and opportunities.

– Julia Burkin, Life Coach & Hypnotherapist, Not Your Typical Life Coach

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